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Marketing Engineering

Marketing engineering is a process and set of analytical methods used to aid in marketing decision making. As the name suggests, marketing engineering borrows from the principles of industrial engineering to optimize marketing processes and deliverables. In other words: it helps businesses figure out how to most effectively allocate their resources to marketing initiatives in order to achieve desired outcomes.

At White Space Marketing, we take a systematic approach to marketing engineering, leveraging data to drive effective decision making and implementation. This informed approach helps our clients make better choices around price, promotions, packaging, and a host of other key business and digital strategy decisions. No matter the complexity of the problem or the demand for detailed information from key data points, we have the structure and expertise in place to deliver.

Account Manager

The Digital Marketing Account Managers at our company are experts in their field, working closely with other team members, including channel managers and engineers alike, to produce comprehensive marketing strategies that will deliver exceptional results.

Chat Antyime

You’ll always have quick and easy access to your expert marketing team via a private and secure Slack channel. This expedites communication and keeps both or our teams up to speed at all times.

Custom Analytics Dashboard

Our marketing clients receive a custom analytics dashboard for comprehensive and channel specific data analysis. With all your data in one place, we can accurately review performance and craft comprehensive strategies for continued growth.

Weekly Status Updates

This is our Account Manager’s favorite part of the job - weekly face time with our clients. They’ll review reporting, what we’ve accomplished, and discuss any open items. They’ll also keep you informed of any recommended optimizations or strategic moves to keep your brand growing. We also rely on you during these meetings to keep us informed on your latest product launches and internal initiatives so we are always aligned.

Regular Strategy Proposals

Your digital strategy is a living, breathing entity. It’s constantly evolving to keep up with the ever changing landscape of today’s marketing and technology trends - and we’re here for you every step of the way! There are a lot of facets to a winning digital strategy, and you can rest assured knowing White Space Marketing is a collaborative environment of experts who all inform the best path forward.

We craft comprehensive digital strategies that never go stale.

We're the best at what we do because of our team. Our collaborative environment and commitment to excellence has led us here, and we celebrate the wins along the way. Learn more about our company and the team you’ll be working with.

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