Crafting comprehensive digital strategies is what we do. This is who we are.

In a complicated and noisy space, White Space Marketing aims to simplify by providing comprehensive digital strategies and implementing them with excellence. Our culture is built on a set of guiding values that shape everything we do, both as individuals and as a team. We also like coming up with excuses to surprise and occasionally cause chaos with gifts, donuts, fruits, flowers, and exploding confetti boxes.

Justin Whitaker, CEO

Justin Whitaker | CEO

Justin is the mastermind and not-so-secret sauce behind combining the power of data driven marketing strategies and marketing engineering. The two make a perfect couple :sigh:. He apparently loves reading white papers and is obsessed with the future of digital marketing, which is good for us and you. Yes, he is an expert at structuring growth initiatives. He does also enjoy “real fun” like off roading, motorcycle riding and whiskey tasting.

Halie Whitaker, COO

Halie Whitaker | COO

Halie is the voice and glue of the company. Leaning on her private equity background, she is obsessed with ROI and is always advocating from the client’s perspective. She is a business strategist and detailed perfectionist who leads the team toward the overall vision in a tangible and frequently offbeat way. Halie believes it is her life’s purpose to spread love and happiness and sprinkle the world with fairy dust. This is why it is acceptable when her tiny dog joins Zoom meetings.


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